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In ancient Roman religion and myth, Tellus Mater or Terra Mater ("Mother Earth") is a goddess of the earth.  Designer Pamela Potter-Hennessey creates original rings, necklaces and bracelets- modern interpretations of ancient designs and techniques.  Each piece is handmade from a wide variety of materials borrowed from Mother Earth and manipulated to reflect the beauty and integrity of the environment.

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships


When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. During your search for the perfect piece, we pledge to help you through the process. We hope that your purchase from us becomes the first of many. 

Our Promise


We at Tellus-Designs promise to treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry and we want clients to feel the same pride when wearing our Earth-inspired creations from our online store. We hope you will be a part of our family for many years to come.

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